Pier & Beam Repair


The piers that are located on the concrete flooring of your home balance it. They need to be balanced perfectly. The pier is what holds up the beams and the beams are what are used to hold up the home’s structure. Our contractors can assess these things through your homes crawl space. Whenever you rely on our qualified professionals, they will be able to easily assess your pier and beams to address your foundation problem. Unlike concrete/steel piles, pier and beams are generally made of wood and eventually deteriorate as time passes. Footings are generally shallow and can cause the soil to move around a lot. When this begins to occur, give us a call at Wichita Falls Foundation Repair so that we can quickly make the needed repairs.

Common Pier and Beam Problems

The most common problems that people experience with their slab is the soil moving underneath it and the deterioration of the wood beam and piers. When our contractors are making necessary repairs, the customer doesn’t have to move out, as we are capable of handling the repairs with you still in the home. Since pier and beam systems are so shallow, the soil tends to move around a lot. When this begins to occur the foundation can become dangerous and uneven. The problem is that the soils movement can occur very quickly and get worse over time.

How We Make Repairs to Your Pier and Beam

When there is any deterioration of your homes pier and beam, they must be repaired. Our contractors at Wichita Falls Foundation Repair will not have to replace the entire floor, as they are capable of handling their job without doing this. Replacing the structure can be very challenging. This is why we recommend that someone who has the proven experience should be the person you rely on to make the needed repairs. Some foundation repair companies will simply add on to the already deteriorating system rather than completely replacing or removing them. Adding to them can cause the weight to become uneven and this is what needs to be avoided. Shallow foundations are known for soil movement and shift. If you think you might be experiencing this type of issue with your foundation, give us a call and let us evaluate your homes pier and beams today.

Why Hire Wichita Falls Foundation Repair

Since our industry experts have been with us for such a long time, they know how to effectively handle your pier and beam issues and concerns. They proved effective in all that they do. We’ll always make sure that the job is done right by thoroughly evaluating the foundation of the home. Regardless of how challenging the job might be, we assure you that we’ll be able to effectively address the problems that you are experiencing. It’s an unfortunate situation that may not be avoidable. This is why we always offer the most affordable pier and beam repair services in Wichita Falls, Texas.

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