Concrete/Steel Piling

Although piling was once used for large buildings to support its weight, it is now used in more residential buildings. Our expert contractor at Wichita Falls Foundation Repair knows exactly how this technique works since it is something that they commonly do. Piling is a deep foundation that moves the load to a deeper level than that of a shallow foundation. We drive vertical concrete and steel columns into the ground, which gives it additional support to your home. Even though the piles that were once used were made of timber, steel and concrete piles provide reinforcement to the foundation. These columns are positioned at intersections between walls and then driven into a firmer level, preventing the foundation from lifting up. All of this work can be performed by one of our experienced Wichita Falls foundation repair contractors. Make good use of the talents of our professionals and you are sure to be able to receive the quality of service you want.

When Will You Need Piling

A home with a traditional foundation is usually enough if the ground it sits on is suitable and the load isn’t too heavy. However, there are times when the ground may not always be suitable and this is when our experts at Wichita Falls Foundation Repair may suggest that you have piling performed. This may include when the soil is not stable enough, the water table is too high, a deep trench foundation from another building occupying the space is too expensive for us to remove, or the homes existing foundation trenches are unstable. These are things that you may not be aware of and is why you should contact us to inspect it for you. Your site may even need drainage repair services.

Why Hire Qualified Professionals

If you want the job to be done right, it would definitely be most beneficial if you hired a qualified professional. This is because they will know what type of pile is best and most suitable for your specific situation. You won’t waste money on the services of someone who is taking calculated guesses in hopes of being able to effectively perform the job of installing your steel pilings. An experienced and qualified contractor has received the necessary training and has the skills needed to effectively perform the work that you need done. When you don’t want to experience the costly repairs of a sunken foundation, allow a professional service provider to handle the installation for you. You’re sure to receive the quality of service that you are seeking.

Why Rely on Wichita Falls Foundation Repair

At Wichita Falls Foundation Repair we only work with the best and most qualified team of contractors. Everyone who works with us has the necessary skills and qualifications needed to effectively address your steel piling needs. Regardless of the extent of your current situation, we assure you that with the help of our contractors, we can make it better. Just give us a call and let us evaluate the area that needs piling. We’ll provide you with a written estimate for the job.

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